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In Vape shop in Malta, you will find a wide variety of E-liquids, but what are E-liquids? E-liquid refers to the thick and flavored liquid which is put into the pod or tank of a vape device in order to create an aerosol more commonly known as vapor or vapor clouds. It is what you inhale and exhale when vaping. E-liquid is often referred to as a vape juice, vape liquid, or e-juice.

What is in E-liquids?

Almost all of the approved E-liquids are made up of four components:

Propylene Glycol- PG

Propylene Glycol is a food-safe standard chemical that is fit for consumption by human beings. The chemical has been applied in the food industry for many years. It is also a compound in most medicines consumed by humans and is not harmful when used in E-liquids.

The component is usually thinner and carries more nicotine flavor. It also has a lot of throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerin – VG

Vegetable Glycerin is a thick substance that is food-safe. It is mainly used as a food thickener and sweetener. It is derived from vegetable fats. Vegetable Glycerin is used in an electronic cigarette to produce vapour.

Food Flavorings

Food flavorings are used in several substances such as ice cream, drinks, cakes, and yoghurt. Furthermore, they can also be used in an electronic e cigarette for recreational purposes. The flavorings are also known as concentrates or aromas.


Nicotine is an addictive substance. If used in large doses, it can be very poisonous. It is therefore advisable for people who have never smoked to avoid vaping.

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Different types of E-liquid found in Vape Shops in Malta

If you have ever been to a vape shop in Malta, you should have realized that there are various types of E-liquids. The difference is mainly brought about by the level of VG and PG that is present in the liquid.

For instance, if a bottle of an E-liquid states that it has PG 70/30, then it means that it has 30% VG and 70% PG. Vape shops in Malta normally stock 10 mL E-liquid bottles. These bottles are TPD ready which means that they already contain nicotine inside.

PG based E-liquids

PG vape liquids are mainly used by individuals who want to quit smoking. They deliver an intense throat hit and offer users a high level of nicotine.

They usually start at 70% PG. Furthermore, they are mainly used to simulate that smoking feeling as opposed to generating vapour clouds or doing tricks.

PG-based E-liquids are usually thinner liquids that are vaped at slightly lower temperatures. They are also meant to allow higher strengths options of nicotine up to 20 mg. Most tobacco stores stock high PG liquids as most of their customers are beginner vapers.

VG based E-liquids

VG-based E-liquids are very common in the market. You can walk into any vape shop in Malta and find them there. They are very synonymous with creating huge, thick vapour clouds. They come in a variety of exotic flavours.

VG-based E-liquids are generally thicker liquids that begin at around 60% VG. They are usually vaped at high temperatures.

Since the VG-based E-liquids are vaped at higher temperatures, you can only find the lower nicotine strengths. It will therefore be hard for you to get those that are above 6 mg.

50/50 vape E-liquids

The 50/50 E-liquids have both VG and PG. They have 50% VG and 50% PG. They are usually full of flavour and have a throat hit that is more than adequate. Besides, they produce more vapour as compared to PG liquid.

The 50/50 liquids usually have one advantage over the others: They can be used in any tank or device. Their nicotine level can range anywhere between 0 mg to 11 mg.

They are best recommended for light or medium smokers and can be found at any vape store in Malta.

Short fill E-liquids

Short fills are large bottle E-liquids that do not contain nicotine. The bottle is designed with a free space where you can add nicotine through a nicotine shot. You can therefore add nicotine up to your desired strength.

Short fills were first introduced following the TPD regulations. According to the regulations, an E-liquid with nicotine cannot be sold in a bottle of more than 10 mL capacity. Hence, only 10 mL E-liquid bottles contain nicotine inside and van be purchased at various nicotine strenghts.

It is clear that different types of E-liquids cater to different preferences. It is essential for you to note that some liquids may not work in some devices.

We at Rolling Buddy stock a wide variety of E-liquids from various brands including Riot Squad and VAPY.

E-liquid ratio for vape pens

Vape pens are used mainly by individuals who are vaping for the first time. They are designed in the shape of a long thin pen with a small surface area inside the tank and fire at a lower wattage.

A high PG E-liquid is recommended for these devices. It can be 30/70, 40/60, or 50/50.

E-liquid ratio for sub-ohm

Sub-ohm mod kits are common in vape shop malta. They are designed in many sizes and shapes and can be found at any e cigarette store in Malta. Since they have much power, they can heat E-liquids at greater temperatures.

A high VG ratio is recommended when using them. The ratios could be 80/20 or 70/30. These liquids will require high wattage to vaporize the liquid properly.

Nicotine Salts Vs. Freebase Nicotine

Freebase Nicotine

Freebase nicotine is very common. Almost all substances that you see in a vape shops have this chemical. It was developed in the 1960s by Phillip Morris. They intended to make the nicotine in the cigarettes stronger and therefore more addictive. The process involved removing salts from the natural nicotine and converting it into a purer nicotine form.

The solution is more alkaline and harsher in large doses. Freebase nicotine has a low absorption rate and does not contain additives.

Nicotine salts

Nicotine salts do not have regular table salts. They are naturally found in tobacco leaves.

Nicotine salts are basically the organic and raw variant of nicotine. They have a high dose of nicotine and do not have a harsh throat hit. They are absorbed into an individual’s bloodstream at a faster rate. If you are vaping for the first time, then you can start with them. No nicotine is more harmful or safer than the other. It all depends on your preference.

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