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CBD Malta. In the CBD products section you will find all of the CBD Malta products which are available on the market. At Rolling Buddy we stock CBD oil, CBD E-liquids, CBD solids, CBG solids, CBD crystals and also CBD cartridges. The CDB cartridges are an easier way to vape CBD however, just like the disposable CBD vapes, they are quiet expensive in the long run.

There are many benefits of using CBD Malta products. These include

  1. The offsetting of anxiety and depression
  2. Treating epilepsy symptoms
  3. Reduction in PTSD symptoms
  4. Treating the addiction to Opiods
  5. Reduce ALS symptoms
  6. Reduce complications arising from Diabetes.
  7. Relieve unmanageable pain
  8. As a preventative measure against neurological diseases
  9. As an arthritis inhibitor

All of the facts that are presented above are backed by scientific articles and peer reviewed publications. However, we at Rolling Buddy always recommend to ask for a Doctor’s opinion and not just reading what is available on the internet. We do not give any medical advice whatsoever.

CBD Malta products can also be found in edibles. Edibles are food products which contain CBD. These come in a wide array of products from Gummy bears to chocolate bars and also CBD water believe it or not!

All of the products in this category are made in the EU in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified labs and are of the highest quality. We do not stock any CBD products  be it E-liquids, CBD Solids or CBG Solids which do not come from the EU of are of inferior quality.

Best quality cannabis seeds are available at Rolling Buddy. As a leading headshop in Malta you can check out our guide to best cannabis seed strains guide.

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