Enecta CBD Oil - 10%

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CBD oil in Malta is getting more and more popular. This is due to the fact that more people are aware of the benefits of CBD oils. Due to its wide popularity, you will find a wide range of CBD oil in Malta however, we at Rolling Buddy only stock the best quality CBD oils in Malta. 

CBD oils come in varying concentrations depending on the percentage of CBD in the oil. We at Rolling Buddy stock a wide range from 3% to 30%. The price of each vary according to the CBD content.

The CBD oil is made from Hemp seed oil with natural CBD extract. This product contains a concentration of 10% CBD. The CBD is extracted by Carbon Dioxide extraction process and it contains the full spectrum. During the whole process of extraction, no additives or any kind of synthetic chemicals are added. This is done to ensure that the best quality of CBD will reach the customer.

This CBD oil is not a narcotic or a psychoactive substance or a toxicological drug in any way. This CBD oil contains less than 0.2% of THC inside. If required, we can provide the customer with an HPLC analysis of the product which was carried out by an accredited lab in the European Union.

This CBD oil is made by the Spanish company Plant of Life which have been providing the market with the best quality Cannabis for the last couple of years. Rolling Buddy is an authorized reseller of Plant of Life in Malta.

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