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Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are the best alternative for quitting smoking, they are very good substitute and hence, they are used for nicotine replacement therapy. This means that the smoker uses these pouches to get their nicotine fix instead of smoking a regular cigarette. The advantages of these products are no bad smell, great taste in the users mouth and the fact that the user does not inhale any smoke. Thus avoiding any diseases arising from cigarette smoke. The nicotine is what keeps the smoker addicted to the smoke. It does not cause any harm if use in small doses. What causes harm are the other harmful substances which are found in cigarette smoke which are know to cause various diseases.

In Malta snus or chewing tobacco is illegal as it is in most parts of Europe. However, nowadays, their alternative nicotine pouches are developed. They do not contain any tobacco inside and thus, they are considered legal in the European Union

These pouches contain Cellulose, Flavoring and Nicotine. One can find various nicotine strengths and flavors available on the Maltese Market via Rolling Buddy!

We at Rolling Buddy stock 77 which are made in a GMP certified lab in the European Union.

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