Anlerr | GVape | Dry Herb Vapourizer
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Anlerr | GVape | Dry Herb Vapourizer

Anlerr | GVape | Dry Herb Vapourizer

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The Anlerr Gvape is a compact, premium dry herb vaporizer that packs all of the functionality of an expensive device at a price that’s easy on the budget. Setting the Gvape apart from its competitors, is the bottom-mounted heating chamber. With a 3″ stainless steel airflow path between the heating chamber and the mouthpiece, you won’t inhale a cloud of hot vapor. As if you had a bubbler attached, you get the benefit of natural cooling through the isolated airway, delivering a cool, clean and flavorful vapor you’ll surely enjoy! The Gvape also features variable temperature control (300°F-435°F), so you can dial-it-in to the perfect temperature to vaporize your dry herb to perfection! The built-in OLED screen displays all the necessary information, so that you know exactly what’s going on.

Backed by a one-year warranty, this premium dry herb vaporizer checks all of the boxes, delivering what you need for your everyday, workhorse vaporizer!

Ceramic Chamber And The Isolated Airflow Path

Most of the low- and mid-range vaporizers design their heating chamber to be very close to the mouthpiece, resulting in a blast of hot vapor in your lungs when inhaling. The Gvape designers didn’t want that unpleasant experience in their premium dry herb vaporizer, so they turned everything upside-down, and put the heating chamber on the bottom-side of the vaporizer! Travelling through a roughly 3″ path of isolated airway, you’ll be on the receiving end of cool, clean, flavorful vapor produced from a deep, ample-sized heating chamber.

Loading the heating chamber is super-easy, just stand the Gvape on its top, and slide the magnetic cover to the side. For best results, a medium-fine grind should be used, and gently packed. Make sure to clean the chamber opening of extra material, using the supplied cleaning brush, to ensure the cover closes properly. Once you’re done, you can insert the Material Filter (see picture below) onto the end of the heating chamber before closing the cover. This extra step isn’t necessary, but it does help keep finely-ground material from falling through the air intake holes in the chamber cover.


  • Sleek, compact and intuitive design.
  • Ceramic chamber (bottom-side) and 3″ isolated airflow combine to produce a smooth, clean vapor.
  • 300°F-435°F/149°C-224°C accurate and adjustable temperature control.
  • Large OLED display with battery level indicator, temperature setting and session timer.
  • Retractable, replaceable Borosilicate glass mouthpiece.
  • Haptic response (vibration) when powering on, reaching temperature and powering off.
  • Built-in 2200mAh battery (charge time is 1.5-2hr).
  • Dimensions: 3″(H) x 1.75″(W) x 0.85″(D) / 76mm(H) x 44.5mm(W) x 21.6mm(D).

Battery Life

Although it’s compact, the Gvape packs an amazing 2200mAh battery into this premium dry herb vaporizer. What does this mean for you? Well, it gets you about 10+ sessions without having to recharge!

Retractable/Replaceable Mouthpiece

When you consider key features of a premium dry herb vaporizer, you typically don’t think about the mouthpiece. But, having the ability to keep it protected and clean when not in use, being able to easily clean it, and having the option to replace it, should it not withstand the test of time, are all important considerations that have been designed into the Anlerr Gvape. For starters, the mouthpiece is virtually-indestructible, made from industrial-grade Borosilicate glass. When it comes to cleaning, the mouthpiece and inner screen are easily removed with a gentle pull when it’s in the fully-extended position. Soaking in a 91% Isopropyl solution for 15-20 minutes will render the parts good-as-new. If it’s time for replacing, you’ll find a spare set inside the package, so keep them somewhere safe until needed.

Regarding protection and cleanliness, we all know that our pockets, purses and backpacks are not always the cleanest, and safest, environments to be carrying exposed parts that we ultimately put into our mouth. So, the Gvape designers solved the problem by making the mouthpiece retractable when not in use. Not only does this feature help keep the mouthpiece away from contact with potentially harmful substances, but it also keeps it safe and secure, avoiding direct contact with anything that could cause it damage.

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