White Fox Original
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White Fox Original

White Fox Original

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White Fox Malta All-White Portion is a high strength nicotine pouch with a cooling mint flavour. You will notice a satisfying numbing sensation under your lip, which intensifies the experience and is like a breath of icy, fresh air. The nicotine content is 16 mg/g, at the extra-strong level and suitable for experienced users only.

These portions are of a slim format, optimised for an unnoticeable fit under your lip and enabling you to use them wherever and whenever you like. Also, the surfaces are soft and smooth, preventing gum irritation and ensuring a comfortable fit. Since White Fox is 100% tobacco-free, it will not discolour your teeth or cause bad breath.

White Fox Malta is a GN Tobacco brand manufactured in Enköping, Sweden. It was the first tobacco-free line made by the company, launched in 2019. After its near-immediate and long-lasting success, GN released a second, stronger nicotine pouch brand in 2022 with a fruit-focused flavour line-up called HIT.

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