Why Rolling Buddy is the best Vape Shop in Malta?

At Rolling Buddy, we focus on one thing: giving smokers a better alternative to nicotine use. In a safer way than smoking cigarettes. In doing so, we offer the best products at the best prices on vape in Malta and Europe. We are the exclusive distributors for Frumist Vape Malta. If you would like to resell any of our products, we encourage you to contact us through our contact page. We will be happy to help you!

Vaping and nicotine pouches are a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes due to the fact that in both cases is that there is no smoke. With cigarettes, smoke is produced when the tobacco burns on the other hand, vapourising, there is no smoke, but a cloud of vapour. The vapour is created when the e-liquid is heated in the vape malta. Unlike smoking tobacco, where there is only one flavour, you will find countless flavours in Rolling buddy Malta’s best vape malta shop in a typical vape malta shop, you’ll find a wide range of flavours, from fruits to desserts to tobacco and menthol flavours. It’s endless!

Nowadays you can find nicotine pouches in every vape Malta shop, but what are nicotine pouches? And how can they help you quit smoking? Nicotine pouches Malta are similar to Swedish snus, but they do not contain tobacco they are made of plant material, flavourings and nicotine. Nicotine pouches malta are an ideal way to consume nicotine without inhaling it.

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