Vaping Nicotine Shot Calculator

Nicotine Calculator: How does it work?

The Nicotine Calculator is used in most vape shops in Malta where you will find shortfills and longfills. This is due to the fact that the TPD regulations imposed by the European Union. These laws state that you cannot have any E-liquids in Malta having Nicotine if they contain more than 10 mL in volume of E-liquid. Hence, if you need E-liquids with nicotine and ready to vape, you have to purchase 10 mL bottles. Most vape shops in Malta and all over Europe have tried to keep vapers satisfied with cheaper prices when compared to regular cigarettes. Hence the introduction of shortfills.

Typically, shortfills are bottles containing some E-liquid missing in order to leave space for the Nic Shot or nicotine booster. The most commonly found in vape shops in Malta are 50 mL shortfills and 100 mL shortfills. Longfills are not very popular in vape shops in Malta due to the fact that a lot of nic shots are required and this leads to an expensive E-liquid. One is better off buying 10 mL bottles in such a case.

As part of the TPD regulations imposed by the EU on vape shops in Malta, no E-liquid with more than 20 mg of Nicotine is allowed. In order to simplify the workings needed, we at Rolling Buddy’s Vape Shop have developed a Nicotine shot calculator so that you will be able to calculate how much nicotine is needed to achieve the desired nicotine content. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1.       Enter the volume of Current ml of 0mg E-liquid in mL

2.       Enter the Final E-liquid Target Nicotine Strength in mg

3.       Enter the Nicotine strength of the Nicotine shot in mg

4.       You are done the calculator will tell you the volume of nicotine shot you need to add in mL and the final volume of E-liquid.

vape nicotine calculator

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