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Welcome to the vibrant realm of vaping – if you’re a newcomer to this world, you’re likely to be swamped with terminology that seems more suitable for advanced physics than a leisure pastime. Among such lingo, ‘Mouth to Lung MTL Vapes’ and ‘Starter Kits’ frequently raise queries – two terms that, quite strangely, contain layers of complexity in the simple act of inhaling vapour. Even so, fear not – this article shall serve as your beacon, shedding light on these seemingly perplexing concepts.

“The art of vaping – once decrypted, it peculiarly couples the satisfaction of the senses with a reflectively relaxing ritual.”

Mouth to Lung vapes: A gentle introduction

The term ‘Mouth to Lung’ (or, in the circles of seasoned vapers, ‘MTL’) might sound initially intimidating but in essence, it’s rather straightforward. The term refers to an inhalation method similar to how most people smoke a traditional cigarette – the smoke, or in this case, vapour is first drawn into the mouth, then inhaled into the lungs. This method is in stark contrast to what’s called Direct Lung vaping, where the user inhales the vapour directly into the lungs.

  • Mouth-to-lung vaping: Ideal for starters or those who prefer puffing at a relaxed pace. Offers a more measured, cigarette-like experience with excellent flavour extraction.
  • Direct Lung vaping: Favoured by experienced vapers seeking a dense cloud of vapour and intense flavours. This method is not recommended for newbies initially due to potential cough reflex.

A Starter Kit: Your first step into vaping

Now, let’s focus on the second terminology – the Starter Kit. As the name suggests, this is essentially a kit designed for those taking their first leap into the world of vaping. Furnished with all the necessities to get started – a vaping device, atomizer, charging cable, and refillable e-liquid tank – it’s guaranteed to turn the bumpy road to mastering vaping into a smooth sail.

A helpful analogy would be: Consider the Starter Kit as a stepping stone – much like training wheels for a child’s bicycle. This kit helps you understand the basics of vaping mechanics along with providing a gentle introduction to the world of flavours and cloud-chasing, before you progress to more complex devices and mods.

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