White Fox Full Charge
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White Fox Full Charge

White Fox Full Charge

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White Fox Full Charge is a 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouch with a delicious spearmint flavour that brings both sweetness and a burning sensation under your lip for a fresh feel. The mint taste is unique and not overly intense, consisting of sweet, smooth spearmint, similar to mint gum. The strength, however, is powerful at 16.5 mg/g and provides a strong kick from start to finish.

What makes Full Charge different from the other products in the White Fox range and the rest of the market is its full-sized portions. Each pouch weighs 0.94 grams, roughly twice as much as the average slim portion, which means you get a fuller, more immersive feel under your lip. Also, the fabric used to form them is made of a fleece-like material, making them super-soft against the gums and optimised for fast, lasting nicotine and flavour delivery.

GN Tobacco, the manufacturer of this product, was founded in 2004. All production happens in a modern, hi-tech factory in Enköping, Sweden. GN has a collection of best-selling brands, including HIT nicotine pouches, its second tobacco-free line.

Stock available in Malta and ready for same day delivery. For bundle offers, please visit Nicotinepouches.mt

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